Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random Favorites From Figure Realm

You all know my Holy Grail figure is Oscar Goldman. I have talked about him too much so I will no longer bore you with my love for him. But he comes with a tweed jacket and exploding briefcase. If that doesn't do it for you then I can do no more.
I love so much about this Dr. Evil doll - where do I begin? Flip flops, Nehru jacket,big ass medallion, Lazer Ray gun and disguises??? What maniac thought up this guy? Why would that mask disguise him when his entire outfit SCREAMS 'villain'. I of course have several versions of this guy with outfits for him to wear. I will do a feature on the Dr. Evil part of my collection soon because he deserves it.

Nothing like the 12 inch GI JOE doll for quality and an endless variety of accessories, gear, vehicles and concepts. If I could add more sets and dolls to my collection I certainly would. I just don't come across classis GI JOE very often. I love my Teddy Roosevelt GI JOE who sits not a foot from me.


Chief Tankua is one of those ones that I still am searching for. I would love any figure from the P.A.C.K. line. You can see the whole giant post I did on those figures by going HERE.

He was first a part of the P.A.C.K but then was repurposed as Big Jim's 'Indian' Friend.

Big Jim had so many great characters and play sets. I had this Devil River Trip hovercraft and the alligator was a terrific foe for any of my figures.

I am sucker for any figure that comes with extra masks or arms.

I love FigureRealm.com. They have photos of the figures and all the box art from any line you could hope to research. Today these are ones I would love to have in my collection especially this Iron Jaw figure. Look at the box of killer attachments he gets. A hook hand is not enough for this guy - he needs a half dozen ways to murder someone. No way he gets through modern airline terminals.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

so wish i didn't play with my maskatron or oscar goldman... they were my favorites. i do remember having big jim figures, though i played with them... barely remember what happened to them. i may have just been too young.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dr. Evil is not wearing slippers! Those are sandals, man, cuz he's a cool cat.

Kal said...

He don't wear the footwear of THE MAN. He is so alien that he don't even need socks. Let that sock in a moment, hepcat.

Unknown said...

Iron Jaw was the basis of Masters of the Universe's Trap Jaw. I think a lot of Big Jim stuff was reworked into MOTU like Battle Cat was taken from a earlier Tiger mold from the Jim line.

Kal said...

Well they are all Mattel and if they still have the molds they can still make the toys. MAKE THE TOYS CHINA.

david_b said...

Love that Doc Evil. I got the Playing Mantis copy and I enjoy dressing him up in ski sweaters/clothes for the winter holidays, complete with 1:6 scarf..

His expression is just timeless.

Reminds me, one of my dogs nibbled on his necklace when he fell off the shelf a few years back, I SO need to get that replaced.

Kal said...

I have that one too plus his latest incarnation and all the villains from the Playing Mantis series. Those are beautiful sets. I was so happy I chased them down when I did.