Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Gloom Of Doom - You Could Make A Worse Choice For Nanny

Childcare is one thing that Doom does right as is shown is his relationship with the Richard's family's youngest, Valeria. She treats Doom as her Grandfather as Doom was the one who saved her at birth and delivered her alive. She has often stood against her family to support Doom - a move that both humbles and motivates Doom to be a better man. It's the best thing they have done with the character in 30 years. I am doing some research on the best issues that highlight this relationship.


I have seen the same scene two ways.
Which do you prefer and why?



Mike said...

I dug that storyline so much. Some of the best FF stories ever done

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Whats with the FF's red uniforms? They look like something that would get laughed off of the set of "Star Trek"!

Say what you will about Doctor Doom, but he has one style and he sticks with it! (and it is stylish!)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That old softie!