Monday, October 10, 2016

26 Reasons To Avoid Canada

You could easily drown there Ok, we might be exaggerating, but it is a fact that Canada has more lakes than any other country — over 3 million of them, in fact. And, as if to prove our point further, much of the film Titanic was filmed there and we all know what happened to Jack in the end, don’t we?

It’s full of vampires and werewolves It’ true! Bella and that pasty faced blood sucking boyfriend of hers, Edward, and their wolf friend Jacob were all there for the filming of Twilight. OK so they are fictional characters and the books and films were multimillion dollar productions, but still…
Their choice in their national symbol is questionable America has the bald eagle: a strong, majestic, powerful hunter. Canada? They have a beaver. Yes, a beaver: a little, furry rodent type thing that eats wood. Need we say more?

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