Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Deep Water Horizon

Why does Mark Walberg always have to be so damn noble all the time? He's does the hero role like every other role but he's a strong anchor to a group of characters that we follow through this oil rig disaster. You all know I love stories like this just because I know that one or two or more of these characters I like will not live to see the end of the film. Maybe even the star will die despite having the most beautiful wife and the most adorable kid.

I like the daughter's explanation for what was going on with that rig. I get it now when the oil is compared to an angry dinosaur. Even the kitchen table demonstration is there to foreshadow the disaster to come.

Ah Kurt Russell. I can watch HIM be heroic in anything. He will FOR SURE die doing the most heroic thing possible especially when the whole world explodes around him.


They make it look appealing to be on these rigs for the money they make and the fact that they get to fly out on helicopters which is kinda cool as a job perk. 45 minute flight off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a foreboding that hangs over everything. Like every thing that is out of the ordinary for this crew is a sign of their doom. So many things go bad from the start and the movie has a clear point of view. The corporation and their cost cutting is the enemy in this one. Oil companies are always bad and when you see how the crew works it hard not to see their actions as heroic. The crew really are about safety and doing the job right and the company does brag about saving money.

I like John Malkovich in this one. He is very charming for an evil corporate executive stoolie. And like Kurt Russell I can watch him in anything. The star power is impressive for what is essential just a disaster movie.

As you can see from the trailer the explosion sequence is impressive as is the disaster set that the cast has to escape from. Every thing around them is worse than hell on earth. How anyone survived is a miracle if the movie is only half right in it's depiction of the event.

I got involved in the story right from the beginning and that never wavered throughout the next 96 minutes. You know the kind of story you are getting here but the execution is so well done that it feels fresh. I can only imagine seeing this in IMAX. I don't think I want to be immersed in the crazy that close up.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One is keen to see this one. She was going to see it last weekend with a friend but her friend got mixed up and bought them tickets to Bridget Jones's Baby instead. D'oh!

DrGoat said...

Wow Debra, that's a hard pill to swallow. I think I'd rather pull my arm hair out one strand at a time then subject myself to that one.
Think I'll go see this one too. By the way it's Mark not Donnie.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thanks for that catch Dr G. I am getting old and losing my touch and I read and edit all the time. I AGREE with you about Bridget Jones. I would take my own life than to watch one second of that garbage. And why couldn't she exchange tickets and the box office. Or just go into the other theatre past the snotty kid at the door.