Saturday, October 1, 2016

Luke Cage - Episode One

The release of this series, the FORTH such season of superhero coolness was the one I was very much looking forward to. I was not disappointed. I love the 70s vibe that is all over this one. There was a lot of time and attention to the production design and the dialogue to put that atmosphere together. It's all so pretty to look at and I loved the music which grounds this one in it's own kind of reality but still is accessible to a Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones or Iron Fist. This is Harlem. A little different than Hell's Kitchen but all part of the streets. There is much violence which is the best part of this one being on Netflix. I have the whole first season ready to watch when I want to. I might try to stretch this one out for more than a couple of days but it is going to be hard.

We will see his origin and I bet it will be completely based on this comic book or at least I hope they do. It's a good origin story (as origin stories go) and I actually have this comic book in my vast collection. This was what it meant to be a black character in the 70s from Marvel but the concept stands the test of time if this series is any indication. His powers are also easy to understand - he is basically indestructible and has super strength. They describe his skin in the comics as 'steel hard'. I wonder if he can still feel the sensation of touch?

Mike Colter is very good as Luke Cage who originally rejects the idea of using his powers to help others. He is bitter about being experimented on against his will and looks at his abilities as more of a burden than a gift. But that all changes of course or we wouldn't have us a story. It's basically a street level vigilante tale where one good man fights the gangsters and the system for those who can't fight for themselves.


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jester59388 said...

We do get the yellow silk shirt and headband, albeit briefly. It's a pretty funny moment. The origin story was very faithful, but there were a couple of key differences, which I'll keep my lip zipped about to avoid spoilers.