Monday, October 3, 2016

Tuesdays From The Toybox

Yes, I would even get a Tuxedo Mask Funko because I hate this character so much. He wears a tuxedo, he wears a mask and calls himself Tuxedo Mask. So lame. What are his super powers anyways?

The rest of these would all be great additions to the Funko Pop Collection Of Cool. They really do have something for anyone. I am so impressed with the licenses they have been able to acquire for production. Rocky and Bullwinkle are 50 years old and still popular with any collectors.

Custom Conan for the win.

This is actually Isis, the wife of Black Adam but could pass for a variant Wonder Woman.

It's too bad they stopped producing these Infinity figures.

I so love the GI JOE stuff. Never gets old.

Every new figure I see from this company make me want to invest in these figures. I love the details but hate the size. I would love to see a pack of these fire brigade guys with their horse drawn fire wagon. The Outlaw figure is cool as well and can be endlessly customized. I would love to watch the process that goes into making one of these figures. The detail is impressive for the size of 3 3/4 inches.
I had to pre-order her. Such a gorgeous piece.
Batgirl LEGO? I hate them even more now.

One day, you will be mine, ROM.
 Yes, you will be mine.

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DrGoat said...

I hear ya Cal. Guess I'll have to settle for Rocky and Bullwinkle.