Sunday, December 4, 2016

6385 - How The Hell Did I Get That Many Visits?

Numbers like this send my brain into a cycling loop that I can't stop. Maybe it's an OCD thing to wonder how such a number is generated. By the comments you would think that ten people visit this site. What are the other 6375 doing? Nothing they see inspires them to say something? How do I square THAT circle in my brain. Not that anything will change around here. I got a way of doing things and topics I like and somewhat of a vision and if that still brings in these kind of metrics, who am I to complain. That is a pretty good day for a Sunday.



Fritz said...

If it's the same as what's going on at my blog, it's the Russians. Look at your "traffic sources".

BTW, I added you to my blogroll after I notice you had added mine.

Thanks, Fritz

DrGoat said...

Well whatever the reason, you're probably fortunate that only those few comment. 99.9% of you're comments are friendly and complimentary, so it keeps things positive. Not that differing views are bad, but it tends to get ugly sooner or later.