Monday, December 12, 2016

Wellington The Cat Update

Because of the wonky way my poor damaged rescue kitty walks and moves he often pees on his hind legs which are very weak. Add to that feet that look like they should be on a kangaroo and sometimes clumpy litter gets stuck. I hate having to pick it out one stone at time. I was a pain. So today he surprised me. I just shook my head at my poor kitty when he lied on the floor and let me use the two sided brush with the pointed ends on that part of his body. I cleaned him right up in second and he LOVED it.. I wonder how to strengthen his hips and legs so he can jump on the furniture. I hate to see him in one of those wagons for cat that are paralyzed in the hindquarters. Oh and when I listen to his purr I hear this heart things. Bouncy strange heart sounds. Damn, everyday I give this cat is a gift to him. He can't be long for this world. Poor kitty. But he is coming to me more and more and that is good so I can give him lots of love. I have given up on the dream of him sleeping at the foot of my bed.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're giving him a happy home and that's what matters. Did you hear about that poor frozen kitty who rode the train from Winnipeg to Edmonton? He has a nice new home too, with the conductor. Happy endings for everybody!

DrGoat said...

Absolutely. You are the light he has gone into. Possibly he will only be with you a short time, but you have truly earned the right to be called a good man. Really proud of you old bean.