Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wellington Up-Date

You would think I would be sloppy and just drop my sweatshirt on the bedroom floor. Today I pick it up with the smell of my defective kitty on it. Yes he peed on my stuff again. And as I go downstairs to throw it all in the wash, there is his litter box filled with presents for me to scoop.

So he UNDERSTANDS the concept of using the toilet but is asshole enough to pee on something of mine. That's just deliberate. And I cover this cat in love and food and attention. Great another white man burden to carry. My cat is a passive agressive retard. Lets not even get to the bum hip and wonky leg and no front claws because somehow had this damaged kitty further hobbled. So I have to love him and care for him because dumb and damaged kitties need the MOST love.

1 comment:

DrGoat said...

Bravo. May you be up to the task.