Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hidden Figures

Damn, did I need a film like this at this time in human history. I know that sounds like hyperbole but for once the movie's simple and old school message storytelling works with it and not against it. Similar movies would be laughable with their overt but very gentile form of racism but these plucky strong black sister women just barrel though these barriers that should never have existed in the first place like they knew all along that they were trailblazers.  Of course they didn't. They were just smart and worked hard and deserve their place in the history of the Space Race.

I like this combination of the perfect inspirational biopic and the real world truth of how it really was but it's at a level that younger kids can understand. And those who don't know the history of John Glenn and the Liberty Seven will find the final arc exciting and rewarding to anyone who has been the smartest kid in the room.

It's the kind of movie that only Kevin Costner can do. He radiates belief in a goal that they will succeed in sending a man into space and he has NO TIME for racist bullshit or sexism if it gets in the way of the MISSION. He's become our Tom Hanks in these kinds of movies when the budget can't afford Tom Hanks but that is okay. Cosner is fine if bland as white bread.

The film isn't saying that these woman didn't suffer any indignities due to their color and sex but the worst of that is very sanitized. But this is how this biopic tells it's messages and honors it's heroes and I am totally fine with all of that. The three leads are very good and I will watch anything that Octavia Spencer does.

Some messages don't need to be over preached and this one sometimes annoys me by all the back people who also keep standing in the way of these three very smart and capable women until everyone FINALLY gets out of their way long enough for some real computer engineer and math magic to be done.


This is a definite case of 'if you like the trailer you will like the movie'.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this one.