Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's A Brave New World For This Teacher

I am impressed with this VIPKIDS online teaching organization. Everything is very well organized and their teaching methods are very effecient and well thought out. I have been doing my curriculum study today and learning alot. I am used to teaching kids and adults who know English so this is a whole new skill for me and one that I think I can easily master and have some fun with. It's the kind of teacher I was in the regular classroom so I know I can adapt myself to this new challenge.

After finishing the study material I have to write a multiple choice test and then the big test begins - teaching an actually full demo class and then another one and I will be an employee if I can do a good job. With the feedback I have already gotten I know I will ace the next levels. I am actually excited about all this and that is a whole new feeling for me as well.

 Ah those were the good old days.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm happy for you, Cal!

jester59388 said...

Good luck with this, Cal! It looks like the door of opportunity has finally swung open wide for you!

DrGoat said...

Knew you could ace it. Really happy this came along for you. Life is much more interesting and satisfying when you are involved in it. Great!!