Monday, January 16, 2017

Lazabeams During The Middle Ages

While homosexuality was a “hot topic” during the Middle Ages, attention was usually focused on men. There is very little mention of female homosexuality. One of the few medieval laws that specifically targets lesbianism comes from the mid-13th-century French treatise Li Livres de jostice et de plet (The Book of Justice and of Pleas). Female sodomy receives a similar punishment to its male counterpart: mutilation for the first two offenses and burning for the third.

Lesbianism was regarded as a medical problem brought on by one of two disorders: The first came from the ancient Greek physician Galen, who advised that lack of sex would cause a seed buildup in women’s wombs. The treatment involved an orgasm, generally brought on by a midwife with a hot poultice. The other condition was called “ragadia of the womb.” It was believed that women could develop penis-like protuberances outside their vaginas, which would make them want to have sex with other women.

I made the mistake of looking up Medieval Lesbians and learned about Medieval Lesbian Peeing. That is an actual thing. Some links should never be clicked. I just wanted a nice picture of two pretty girls dressed in Medieval clothing that I could imply were in a lesbian relationship as they went from castle to castle. Then finding nothing appropriate for someone not into Medieval Urine Fun, I just went with Betty and Veronica.. Why did I even start this post? Never do I let these go and tell myself NO. Am I like the Idiot Trump in that way?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, if I ever find myself teletransported in time back to the Middle Ages, I'll set up a practice as a midwife specializing in curing women of seed buildups. I'll be famous for my poultices, I'm sure.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You just want to meet other women with their heaving breasts. They all had heaving breasts in those days...