Sunday, January 8, 2017

There Is A Reason You Don't Make Hollywood The Enemy, Herr Trump

Because these people speak so well that they will rip you a new one you can't possibly ever survive a burn this great. I know it's shot off a TV but I don't got time for all the assholes to give other assholes permission to release a piece of tape that is cool and is trending around the world right now. Who is in charge of social media at this event? I should have this speech in pristine condition the second the show finished because IT'S the news of your little love fest. Meryl Streep make a speech that was so good and heartfelt but still bashed Trump and put him in his place that it should be one of the ones children are taught. Humanity is what will bring down this monster. Decency will bring down the Bully. It was a classy way to dress him down and Meryl had that in spades tonight. Good on ya girlfriend. Lifetime Achievement Award indeed.

I can't wait for Trumps response and how Kelly Anne will spin the facts. Or maybe this time she will blow her brains out on live TV in front of Jake Tapper. Maybe shoot him first for making her answer all those damn question's about Trump's lives and having to keep all that bullshit straight in her head. It must have driven her mad by now. I don't see her lasting 3 months more before some kind of public incident that will require a 72 hour mandatory psych hold for her.

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