Thursday, August 10, 2017

But I Can't Wait Until December

I wish you would just shut your  mouth Netflix and tell me about this a week before it debuts and no sooner. I now have to wait MONTHS for something I should be able to see right NOW. Episode One must be in the can by now. SHOW ME SOMETHING BITCH! I needs me some royal ennui right away. And don't tell me it will be a nice Christmas present because that is such a cop out. Maybe I don't want to watch something British during December. What about that? Did your programming genius even consider my feelings in this matter? No I suspect you did not. Much like Elizabeth I am surrounded by those who are never looking out for MY best interests. But I now know of this and Victoria but if there is another show with Queens and Crowns that I am missing out on then please let me know. Just not Game of Thrones. I dumped that one after that nice dancing boy got killed by that big mountain guy. And I had already left after Sean Bean got killed at the end of GOT Season One.

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