Saturday, August 5, 2017

I Am So Isolated That I Need To Recycle The Classics Every Now And Then

It's a great thing to find that a movie you adored as a kid still holds up and holds up very well as an adult. I lived most of my childhood on Canadian military bases. They had a large selections of films and showed a large a variety as they could. They even had a matinee 'program' for kids that included cartoon, serials from Canada during WWII, safety film, more cartoons, a short B movie or Disney animal movie but then came the A movie and we got to see Sinbad and Logan's Run about 5 times each all year. We never missed a run because this was in the 70s and there were no video stores to visit after the movie. You saw a movie once usually and if you were lucky it came on TV but that usually took decades if ever. So to see this film over and over again was like having it as our own home video. Love everything about it. Love Sinbad, the lazy rich kid Haroun, The Grand Vizier with his golden face mask and especially Caroline Munro who was my first movie crush. I loved her so much I stole a teen magazine in German just because her picture was on the cover. What? Don't judge me.

If anyone has an idea of how I can modify the code so the clip doesn't automatically begin each time this page is refreshed I would be appreciative.

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