Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ladies, Please...

You can both be serial killers.
Reminds me of a story. I was teaching one day and these two high school girls started beefing with each other and calling each other lesbians. This was at a reserve school and I was helping the student next to me do some design work and suddenly this conversation broke out. I could hear it but didn't lift my gaze from my digital sketch pad
"You are such a lesbian."
"Yet but you are a slut that is worse then a lesbian"
'Then you are a slutty lesbian,"
"And you are a lesbian slut."
And I swear the next part is true. Without raising my head to look any of them in the eye I just exclaimed the following in a loud voice just as the Principal entered the classroom.
"Ladies, you are both lesbian sluts so now please get back to work." The Principle looked like she was going to faint and the other kids roared with laughter. Even the two girls found it a funny comeback.
Once the ENTIRE conversation was explained to the boss, the laughter extended past lunch and eventually was told as part of an series of opening remarks at some education conference. - How to diffuse conflict with humor that the students will understand was the point I guess.

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