Saturday, November 11, 2017

My Final Analysis Of The Inhumans TV Mini-Series

When I think of the Inhumans I am going to think of that kid in the wheelchair that becomes part of your class for the year. You keep hoping for his success but you soon realize that he started out with such a disadvantage that life set him up to fail. Inhumans is just like that. From the stupid IMAX movie to the betrayal of all the great things that made the Inhumans cool in the first place, each episode was an uphill climb to keep an audience. I am a true believer so I stuck it out to the end. While there were some cool moments, the whole enterprise was a lost opportunity. With Agents of Shield running out of ideas, that show could have been reduced to eight episodes a year, followed by eight of the Inhumans and eight of Ghost Rider. It would work if the creators had any understanding of the properties they are working with. Those who produced The Inhumans certainly did not. I doubt they even read the Omnibus of Kirby's stories just to give themselves the right kind of grounding before they even attempted the program. I know many people will have their reasons why it didn't work for them but for me it all came down to Medusa. A cheap trick robbed her of all that made her regal and cool. The role was miscast and I feel bad that Anson Mount was wasted. To repeat the same villain from Game of Thrones was just lazy. That is the best word to describe this show - LAZY. Most of it is made up of people saying everything that enters their minds. Or they are wasting more time interpreting for a character that can't speak. In a comic you can work around that but not in a live action show where THAT character is kinda important. The rest of the Royal Family were fine and Lockjaw rules but this was a lost opportunity of the worst kind. Comic book nerds won't accept mediocre anymore. We have seen just how good live action superhero productions can be and we are spoiled for the good stuff. Inhumans picked a bad year to premiere and it's went downhill from there.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Supposedly Agents of SHIELD Producer Ike Pearlmutter was a bear to work with so the crew used this series as a sacrificial lamb to get him off their backs and out of their hair and so he'd stop rocking the boat they were trying to keep afloat with Agents of SHIELD.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That seems like an extreme way to get rid of one guy. Isn't there a staircase with rickety steps where these people live??