Monday, January 1, 2018

Best Of 2017

One of the underlying elements of "punk" is taking a seeming liability and turning it into an asset. With all the throwing around of the "snowflake" label towards liberals lately, I decided to do a "punk Remake" thing and turn lemons into lemonade.

 So here's "The Snowflake", a super-hero for today's vibe. His motto is "My strength doesn't come from power, it comes from numbers." One snowflake itself doesn't do much; enough of them together can close down a highway or bury a city. Never underestimate the power of lots of people working together for a common cause. : )

Snowflake is ©Paul Sizer.

A great song that I could have conquered the world with.
It's so my style.

My love for this cartoon is proof that I am going to Hell.
If I can be honest with you, THIS was my favorite movie of 2017. I know many of you thought it would be Wonder Woman but LOGAN hit me right where I lived. It is such a good modern day Western that is will challenge my opinion on awards show for the rest of my life. If Jackman doesn't get an Oscar nod for this role then all awards for entertainment are bullshit. Just look at this performance. How could you deny him or Patrick Stewart for such a brave goodbye to two pretty significant pop cultural icons? I don't care if it is the story of the last day of two mutants, it doesn't make it any less emotionally wrenching as any big Oscar winners from past years. This film is so good that to deny it recognition it is a crime against cinema. Watch it again like I did this week and it will remind you of all the reasons you love movies in the first place.

Trump cover of the year. This one about says it all. I can give you stats about how much trump is soaking the country who now pays for his golf excursions even at his own club, which he also just raised all the costs to be a member of. He robs you with the left hand after he robs you with the right hand. To be able to now do it so confidently and freely says everything you have to know about how unworthy trump is to be President, especially in these times.

This movie had the best ending I saw this year. I still have nightmares about it. Never have I ever wanted to see a sequel to a movie as quickly as I have at the end to LIFE. The film also earns bonus points for naming their killer space virus, CALVIN.

You killed me Valerian. A visually brilliant opening that stirs the human soul for contact with other life. Set to David Bowie I swear I had a tear. And it was the worst film I saw last year. After this opening it was a train wreck. And Cara Delavigne is so annoying that I wanted to carve my eyes out with a sharpened shank made out of my soda cup while watching this. She is POISON. Movie POISON. Can we all just agree on that much. POISON!! Luc Beson, you made something visually amazing that NO ONE can connect to because of how poorly the leads are cast. I just don't care or believe who these two actors are trying to be but it's not who their characters are suppose to be. I don't know why but I think it's a FRENCH graphic novel thing from which the imagination of this film sprang from. America doesn't get it. I don't get it. And of course because there is Cara involved it's a dismal failure as entertainment. POISON. If I had to REALLY hate a movie last year, why did it have to be this one? Because it let me down the most.

This is the last warning you get. It's so badly written and the lines are so poorly deliver that it's almost cringeworthy. Don't be fooled into thinking you will like it. You won't. Rianna is equally as hideous. I forgot that until I watched the trailer one last time. I will leave my comments on Cara's distracting eyebrows to another time.

"They do not deserve you."
Okay. I just looked at this trailer again and WOW. Okay, I might have to reassess and name Wonder Woman my favorite movie of 2017. Another one that deserves some hardware come awards season.

Such a butt hurt bitch. Money can't buy class, that's for damn sure.

This the movie that I totally missed this year but now have to see. The trailer got to me again and I loved the previous director's work, Snowpiercer. If you haven't seen that one then give it a go. It's a pretty great high concept film that totally works on all levels of it's madness. This one look like another delicately constructed instrument.

Whitehorse released a cool album this year.

This is the best comic book I read this year. Batman vs Elmer Fudd. If Fudd acted like this around that troublemaking bunny he would be enjoying some nice rabbit stew about now.


From the first time I saw this viral video of the magical Lindsey Sterling I knew this kid would be a huge star. She was a talent like I had never seen before and with me you have to be FRESH to be interesting to me. America's Got Talent PANNED her...PANNED!!! I never watched another episode of that show again. And then Lindsey went to You Tube were her talent could not be contained. She shined like few before her have done when she combined her modern violin music with kick ass visuals. Watch them. Watch videos of her and you will see how combining two mediums created an online sensation. This year she was on Dancing With The Stars and I never missed a single dance she did this year. It was like watching an actual Disney Princess move before my eyes. She was the best dancer all season. And she LOST. So now Dancing With The Stars is BULLSHIT. She was ethereal. She morphed into a mystical creature like she was born to be. And then she lost. I hate you Tom Bergeron. You owe me bitch. I saved your ass in the Congo in 87 because you thought taking Daddy's Jet would be a fun thing. YOU OWED ME PUNK and I called my marker due but still, Lindsey came second. I will remember Bergeron. What have I ever done to have you treat me so disrespectfully?

I usually give myself an hour in the day to watch The Price Is Right. Nothing has changed about this program in the bazillion years I have been watching it, I love me some PLINKO but this Spin of the Wheel one day was the greatest thing I have ever seen while watching it LIVE. I thought I would fill my diaper with each spin.

"It was love at first sight'

It truly was. I saw her picture online because there was a cat we were thinking of getting before Baroness Frosty but he was high needs and after Wellington my poor special needs kitty, I was in for a simpler cat. I wanted a cat with presence. A cat with personality. And then her picture came up. My Mom was into her from the start. I remember pulling up to the pet store and she was looking out the window from inside her cage. The minute our eyes met she turned around and went to the front of the cage. I think she knew that I was the one that had come for her. I remember opening the cage and petting her and she was the softest thing I had ever felt. She just sat there and let me pet her for the next ten minutes because she knew. I knew. Everyone knew. This girl was the cat for me. My only regret is that I didn't know this firecracker as a kitten. She must have been even more psycho that she is today.

Nothing made me laugh harder and longer this year than this short film about 'THE DANCE' I could watch the adventures of Kiki and Choo-Choo for the rest of my life.


I felt blessed to able to share this last concert by Gord Downing of the Tragically Hip, THE iconic Canadian Rock Band. His lyrics are the closest thing to great poetry that Canada produces. The entire country held him up that night and their is no better example of that than during this performance of Bobcaygeon. Gord lost his place and the whole crowd got him back on track so he could finish the song strong. It says everything you need to know about how much we all loved the man and admired his courage right to the end. He died at 53. Way to early.

Remember that we must RESIST and bring this hump down.
Two Words - FUCK TRUMP!

Finally my favorite TV show this year.
It's great in all the ways that Star Trek should be.

 Enjoy 2018.
I am sure it will be an equally crappy time for us all.
Viva Los Amigos


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I agree with you that Hugh Jackman should get an Oscar nod for Logan and indeed as a cumulative acknowledgement of all the wonderful Wolverine performances he has given us. He has truly created an iconic film character.

And yes, ALL HAIL BARONESS FROSTY! Long may she reign!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That one is most likely because Hollywood loves Jackman and it would be a nod to the pop culture crew that could make or break the Oscars. It will be like Heath Ledger I hope. They CAN'T deny him his due.

DrGoat said...

With you on Jackman too. He put in a lot of work and is now the face of Wolverine. Deserves some acknowledgement for that.
So glad you and the Baroness found each other. I'm equally glad you brought Wellington into your home to live out what was left of his life on earth in comfort and safety. He deserved that. All kitties do. Well done Amigo.

DrGoat said...

In answer to your query about my wife in an earlier port....met her in 1980. Got married in '86 in some part to the fact my grandmother wanted to see that happen before she died, which was a year later at the age of 98.
Never had kids. I mean what if they grew up to be a pain in the ass like I was during the 60s-earty 70s. Besides, they cost a bunch of money, which was better spent on stuff, trips to Disneyland and Maui, and assorted collectables. As far as the beard, she always liked it but the mutton chops not so much. It might be that I looked too much like Custer and she is some percentage Native American....or it might just be she didn't like it.

Paul Sizer said...

Thank you so much for including me on your list, man! Glad THE SNOWFLAKE hit a chord with you!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It should be huge. The concept is strong and the visual is great.