Friday, January 5, 2018

I Don't Know Who These Two Are Or What Is About To Happen? No. But Here Is My Guess

I get that feeling I always get when there is BAD JU JU about. For myself, I do know that I want to be nowhere near these two cheeky non-conformers in white when they FREAK OUT and they look about 30 seconds from doing something just like that.
At that point something bad will happen to the boat or the bus or whatever the hell these poor doomed people are riding on. In the end there will be so many body parts that identification of individual victims may be impossible. And then is the blood They will paint the deck with it and that is not a metaphor. So much that it will drip down from the top of the sail to the bottom of the bilge.
When all the blood started dripping through the deck and onto the walls and ceiling of the Calypso Lounge and onto the performer at the time, one Mr. Lence Mynuk. Performing for about 50 fans was Ukrainian heartthrob, the Engelbert Humperdink of Kiev, Mynuck was doing his hits when the blood dripped all over his costume which in turn caused the old woman who came to hear him play suddenly freakout and begin dousing him in Holy Water and streaming 'The power of Christ compels you." Then it got pretty weird after that when they got it into his head that he can become entranced by a demon but of course all my stories are second hand. I got OFF that boat of DOOM because I saw the signs and trusted my Spidey Sense.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I think the inspiration for that make up and outfits is pretty obvious