Monday, January 8, 2018

The Return Of Star Trek Discovery - Episode 10 - Mirrors

After the final jump at the end of last season, Discovery has now found itself in a totally different Universe. I was hoping for the Mirror Universe where everyone is evil and look what I got? I called it way back when but I won't gloat. It's not my way to lord my genius over you all. Just check the podcast. It's all there.

What have those crazy kids got themselves into now? I can't wait to see. Now they have to fake that they belong in the Mirror Universe as a member of the Terran Empire. First they have to survive in that xenophobic world where Humans hate and fear any race other than their own and the other races have united to fight our vicious oppression. I fear this is the way things would really be if we ever went into space and encountered other races. Being treacherous assholes is kinda what Humans do best.

The best parts of Star Trek involves putting the characters we care about into impossible situations where they have to make impossible decisions. I love that I don't know what is happening from one moment to the next. I love how damaged everyone is. I want things to end well but I know that they will not for several of our little band of adventurers. Space sure seems like a lot of fun now, doesn't it?

Damn, I knew who and what Tyler really was. I KNEW it and everyone thought I was crazy. He's really a Klingon. He's that little missing slug from earlier. I know it. I hope he can break his programming but that will not be a fun journey. Now I hate him. He's going to mess shit up for the crew but he could overcome his programming and do something heroic like ram a blade through that Klingon bitches throat.

Oh course Tilly would be the badass killer Captain. It was awesome seeing her be all cold blooded with her performance as the girl who rose to the Captaincy after killing her previous captain. In the Mirror Universe our sweet Tilly is known for her massacres.

The NY Times does a nice recap on the episode with a nice primer from Star Trek Enterprise that shows the birth of the Mirror Universe.

This is an alternate look at First Contact with the Vulcans, the one that created the whole evil Mirror Universe where HUMANS rule with a xenophobic zeal unparalleled in history. Just like it would happen in real life.

And finally a short peek at next week's episode.

This show is fantastic and I defy you to predict the direction it is going in. I love it and I am sorry for those Star Trek purists who don't. Young minds. Fresh ideas. Be tolerant.


Chase March said...

The show has completely won me over. I am enjoying this Mirror Universe story and the entire series. Can't wait to see how it ends.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am glad to here that. To convert a heretic like you were at the beginning means the show is as good as I think it is. Can't wait to watch this evening's episode. I am exicited I was right about this direction for Discovery.