Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Homer Price And The Doughnuts

Illustration by Robert McCloskey for HOMER PRICE (1943)

Why I was in elementary school we read about the adventures of this kid Homer Price. He got into all manner of shenanigans but none so memorable for me than this story with a runaway donut making machine. For years I searched for this story on the Internt but it wasn't until someone mentioned the name Homer Price in a comment did I realize that it wasn't called The Doughnut Machine as I believed. I wonder how many others saw this same film in school and was mezmerized by it. Army bases have the BEST film collections for some reason.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I vaguely recall that book too!

Jordan said...

Oh my God, I love that book (and the sequel, Centerburg Tales. So glad you're featuring it!

Jordan said...

What gives? I just went to Facebook to send you a dropbox link to the book...only to see that I did exactly the same thing on January 16th. Did you not see it? Not download it? (The link is to both Homer Price and Centerburg Tales in epub format.)