Monday, July 9, 2018

Thank You Wal-Mart For Always Letting Me Down

This time your madness hits me right where I live. I buy few floppies these days - regualar paper comic books. But these are 100 PAGE GIANTS with many stories of each character or team's world. It's always a great kind of book to have with you on vacation or when you are just laying about at the beach house and just need something to read on the toilet when you expect it to be a long appointment, which can be it's own kind of vacation.

If any of my American brothers or sisters sees this display,in the evil Walmart maybe they could hook a brother up. Will not be sold in Canada because once again, of course, we are considered a trird world country by this GLOBAL corporate sale giant. It's all the Polar Bears roaming the streets of Canda that is the problem Walmart has right? Because Polar Bears LOVE Giant Sized comic book collection but they also like eating toddlers and if both are in the Walmart shopping at the same time then there would be much bloodshed. Who can argue with life saving logic like that?


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