Thursday, October 11, 2018

Glass - New Trailer

Bruce Willis is not my favorite actor in the world but I LOVED Unbreakable in a way I will never be able to explain to another human being. I fear to see Split lest it not live up to it's promise despite the fact that McIvoy was in Children of Dune and became the God Emperor because he was always the stronger one. This looks too good to be believed. I know old M Night has pulled a rabbit out of his hat...ONCE...but could this be his redemption? Then he can quit making movies and go enjoy his life away from a movie camera or a typewriter or paper or pencil. So I have not seen Split but now I must so I can fully enjoy GLASS. BUT KNOW THIS. I will not be triffled with so don't even make the attempt because this I promise - If M. Night fucks this one up, I will hunt him down personally and deal him some Cave of Cool justice.

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