Thursday, October 11, 2018

Selena Gomez Is Still My Best Girl

Earlier this year, the former Disney Channel star checked herself into a wellness program in New York after suffering from depression and anxiety. A source told ET at the time that she voluntarily made the decision because "she knows her health and wellness require ongoing maintenance."

"This most recent stint was preventative," the source explained. "She hasn't relapsed and she's not in a bad place, quite the opposite. She did this to ensure she continues on a good path. It's super responsible. More people should be proactive about their health and wellness instead of waiting for something bad to happen."

She was always my best soldier in the fight against the cephalopod scourge and it hurts me to see her in such pain. Still my favorite Disney girl and the hardest working one in show business. She is the real deal and I hope only good things for my Selena. I choose to ignore any negative social media about her and only focus on her accomplishments, which are many. I admire her courage and her pure hate for the octopus.

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