Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Just Can't Even With This Slovenian Prostitute

Are you fucking kidding me? SHE is the most bullied? She who is marriage to the patient zero of bullying is upset that the rest of us don't admire the next to nothing that she does. She wants credit for doing a third the job of any First Lady before her and wants three times the credit. She is a joke and even the Hillbilly sees that.  Yet he says nothing while continuing to hate on Michelle Obama who was a TRUE First Lady who walked the talk and only cared about service. She didn't care how she looked in front of the Pyramids.
And she wonders why no one likes her.
Because she does NOTHING to dispel that myth by doing good works. Genuine good works to show she is not just a prostitute who thinks she is above us all because she was chosen by the Emperor as his latest show pony. I would respect you and praise you a lot more if you would actually do something USEFUL about the worst of your husbands many many many bad traits. You could shame him on TV ONCE and that wound would not only shut him up for awhile but would ear you the love you so desperately seek. We hate you because while in the BELLY OF THE BEAST you refuse to admit the truth and just take the shot. No jury in the world would ever convict you. In fact each nation would issue a stamp.

You are a gutless, stupid, enabler for the most dangerous toddler on the planet and you DARE to condemn us for not loving YOU enough. The HUBRIS of that very statement means I can't even begin to help you see the truth. You are just a coat rack who will watch the world burn when she could have taken the matches out of the hands of the man who started it.

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