Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Return Of Pet Semetary

I am not one for horror movies. I hate that feeling of being terrified. I never found the fun in abject terror. But I read a shit load of Stephen King books as a kid and one of he ones that got to me in a big way was Pet Semetary. Not only did it make me sad with the death of Church the Cat but it terrified me ever more when Church came did someone else who is the reason why toddlers with scalpels is just about the most terrifying things I can imagine happening to me. I hate and mistrust the toddler at the best of times but the kid in this movie is the stuff of nightmares.

Like most of the movie adaptations of King's work they played adnausium during the movie channel days. I enjoy them all except for Maximum Overdrive which was one of only two movies I ever walked out on in a movie theatre.

I hate what happens to that poor kitty when he comes back to life. Sometimes it's best for the dead to stay dead sometimes.


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