Monday, September 2, 2019

Headlines This Week

So basically the only room he could go into was the George Washington Carver section to learn about all the uses for the peanut?

Hee Hee


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sean Hannity's show is a crock alright -- a crock of shit! And speaking of shit, I wonder what effect that pink glitter will have on the gastro-intestinal tract?

jester59388 said...

Yeah. Someone needs to paint that crock caca brown. And let me guess, it was a Fox News poll that rated Hannity the number one shoe on cable. And who was their sample, Fox News viewers? If Fox News was a newspaper, I wouldn't wipe my ass with it because I'd only be wiping shit ON myself.

It makes me ill just to watch any news program for too long because of the Trump bullshit overload -- and that's from reporters telling the truth but who feel the need to talk about his inanity incessantly. Why would I ever want to watch Hannity's non-stop sugar-coated fellatio-fest?

Hannity: "In today's news, President Trump saves Alabama from Dorian's wrath by telling God to leave those very fine people alone and stick to the east coast. Meanwhile, the President had 18 holes in one in Virginia, while simultaneously single-handedly rescuing every passenger trapped on the Santa Cruz island diving boat fire (don't believe the liberal media who told you the died), but only after first stopping in Texas to hand our AR-15's to children and the mentally infirm so that they could defend themselves against anyone who doesn't look or talk like them, looks like a non-Christian, doesn't have a Trump bumpersticker on their car. He then pinned a medal posthumously on the Odessa shooter for being "a True American, standing up for his second-amendment rights" against the Socialist-Liberal oppressors."

And, yes, Kellyanne is a hag. That's what happens when your inner evil starts to leak out. She better hope no one ever throws water on her.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I love how all this shit is piling up and the tipping point is coming. Time is trump's worst enemy and next summer will be a firestorm for him that he will not recover from. His paranoia will be off the hook and the rats will scury away from his sinking ship with their own stories to tell.