Thursday, September 5, 2019

Pennyworth - Episode One

I have mentioned before that Pennyworth seems like such a no brainer idea once you see this trailer. To tell the story of a young Alfred Pennyworth all you need to do is insure that Alfred meets Thomas Wayne so that he can eventually raise Bruce, the once and future Batman.

Aside from that anything is possible. We also know that Afred was involved in the special forces as a younger man and that gives the story is cool sixties James Bond Jr vibe. Like Bond, Pennyworth has skills. Skills that give him nightmares and a sense of justice.

The first meeting between the two most important men in Bruce Wayne's life is treated like some random throwaway moment instead of the monumental moment it is. But from such simple beginnings the strongest of relationships can be formed.

I like the setting and the production design and the relationships between the characters. Ezme, his girl is also very capable and brave.

I got a huge giggle out of how Alfred's parents dealt with the intruders in their home.

I enjoyed this one and will keep watching.

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