Wednesday, December 21, 2011

et tu? Banana Cartel?

But but.... I NEED my potassium. My mother tells me that bananas in Australia cost 15 dollars a bunch. That is a scandal. Bananas are one of those staples that grow well in tropical climates and is something that I need to eat every couple of days or I go a bit squirrelly. Then again I have to eat some Colonel Chicken each fortnight or I start to get the shakes. Maybe they inject both foods with a addictive chemical that gives you the cravings.

When you look at a bunch of bananas in your neighbourhood grocery store, a few thoughts might spring to mind: breakfast, banana splits on hot summer days or vacationing in the tropics. Chances are you don’t think about oil. But, getting all of those bananas to customers takes a lot of it.

That’s why the tar sands industry should be paying close attention to today’s news that Chiquita Banana, which feeds North Americans millions of bananas each day, has committed to avoid fuel from tar sands refineries for its transportation fleet. In doing so, Chiquita is joining a growing number of big U.S. companies that are rejecting carbon-heavy tar sands oil in efforts to lower the carbon footprint of transporting their goods to customers. Fifteen companies have already publicly announced such efforts including companies as different as Walgreens and Whole Foods.

I personally think that having an alternative to Middle East oil right here in North America gives us a reason to get all of our influence out of that region of the world. To bully the banana people to complain about our oil seems like a really clumsy attempt at maintaining the status quo. What's next? The great Ketchup embargo? Has the world run out of REAL enemies? They must have to come after us simple Tunda folk.

Clean up your own backyards and let us worry about this one. If you had any knowledge about the process of tar sand extraction you would know that they try to do things safe and with consideration for the environment.

It's no more dirty than regular oil extraction especially deep sea oil extraction. I hear oil is coming out of the beaches in the states around the Gulf of Mexico. It's so saturated into the sand. Sounds like you could use some of our technology that separates oil from other substances.

You are not going to get regulations like we have in Alberta (enforced regulations) in any other parts of the world. I am sure that China is doing the exact same practices while destroying every living thing around the drill sites. Go bother them for awhile.

Radical environmentalists have found a nice safe comfy country to protest in. Alberta is beautiful and they won't get their heads smashed in by our local constables.

It's the cost of doing business. With lots of eyes on the industry they will be forced to do the right thing while insuring Canada's resource and economic security for the next 100 years. But what do I know? That is just stinkin' socialism.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You tell 'em, Cal.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I have deep affection for the banana and related banana flavored products.

M. D. Jackson said...

Well at least the Tar Sands aren't radioactive... like bananas are!

(it's true. Look it up.)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I won't look it up because it's viscious slander.