Thursday, November 15, 2012

Arrow - Episode Six

I wondered all week how they were going to handle the Royal Flush Gang. Their costume are very garish in the comic and cartoons where their look was based on playing cards. The group also used high tech weaponry and cyborg enhancements. I was interested to see what 'real world' spin the creators would put on this ecclectic group. The simple decorated hockey masks for a team of bank robbers was genius. Even stripped of their powers, the group still provided a good challenge for Oliver. They have a connection to the Queen family that re-inforced the father/son dynamic that is at the center of the series. If not for other circumstances, Oliver might have gone off track like the leader of the gang's son.


For the first time we get to see a 'trick' arrow when Oliver uses a snare to hold down the bags of money that he shot out of the hands of the fleeing bank robbers. Can the famous boxing glove arrow be far behind?

We also get some nice character moments between Oliver and his mother. I know she is evil but I couldn't help but be moved by her attempts to reconnect with her son. I really hope he never tells her his secrets because she can't be trusted.
I am not worthy of a show that pushes all my happy buttons like this one does. They never linger too long on any one moment and I like the effort they put into developing all the side characters. I am sure this will pay off in the long run. Already Oliver is a better hero because the people around him either keep him grounded or push him to think outside the box as to what is 'true' mission should be.


Mr. Mike D. said...

This show is fantastic. I am hooked

William Mercado said...

When I saw the commercial for this I saw the mask & gun and thought they were bringing on Wild Dog

Kal said...

WOW. Wild Dog. Haven't heard that name is a long time.