Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Gotta Say It - I Am Loving 'Arrow'

The first problem anyone has with creating a superhero series is setting the story in at least a plausible world. At the same time, however, you can't have every other character operating at fifty IQ points behind the hero. EVENTUALLY, someone close to the hero is going to figure out he's the hooded archer that has been terrorizing the evil guys in the city. He can't get away with his shenanigans for very long.  In the first few seasons of Smallville so many weird things happened around Clark Kent but NO ONE figured it out. That drew me out of enjoying the show like I should have.

Now Arrow is different. Only 4 episodes in and the cops have Oliver Queen under arrest because of video footage they captured of him breaking into the local prison. The cop in charge is not a total numnut and his daughter isn't a love sick fool despite her long association with our hero. Arrow's former bodyguard is in on his mission now while the mystery of what happened on the island to Oliver in the five years he was missing is still interesting and compelling.

The stuntwork/fight choreography is superb for a network series and the hour just flies by with action and fantastic story moments that advance the character development.

Oliver can't keep his secrets from those closest to him even if it puts them in danger and that makes for such interesting storytelling. You have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief to enjoy this kind of genre program but I have YET to say "OH COME ON" with anything I have seen yet. It's smart superhero storytelling that has been missing from my life since DC comics went off the rails and Marvel keeps replaying it's common themes over and over again.

And NEXT episode they introduce Deathstroke, the island bad guy that will prove to be a real test of Oliver's growing skills. He has to beat someone smarter, stronger and deadlier than him if hopes to ever make it off the island and I am fascinated to see how he outsmarts his nemesis while learning what he needs to know from his mysterious Asian mentor.

This is one that I hope you are watching with me.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I liked the pilot, good pacing, action and direction, but it had a number of moments were I started to think about little plot holes, but unfortunately that wasn't until after the episode was over.

Its kind of shocking to hear about these shifts in the status quo so early in the series, most shows wouldn't even think of doing anything like that until their second season finale. Looks like I'm going to have to use Hulu to catch up while its still fresh.

Kal said...

Wait until you see what is in the secret warehouse.

Chase March said...

Hey Kal,

I agree. I am really enjoying this series. Wasn't sure that I would but they are doing it justice.

Kal said...

I agree. I didn't expect it to be so good either...come on, it's the CW Network!

j d said...

You finally got me Cal. Consider me one of your people