Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's In The Bag Baby!!

When a smart politician like Chris Christie bails on you, you know all that is left is the crying. He has had nothing but praise for Obama (as a real LEADER should) instead of playing partisan games with people's lives during Sandy. Fuck you Mitt Romney. I hope you live a long, long life so you can reflect daily on how you screwed the pooch. You bullshit may have actually brought your nation together in a way that your Presidency never could so in the long run you served your purpose.

God Bless America


Mikeyboy said...

in light of the storm...and the coming election. There is no way in hell either one of these guys would be able to sway the public in voting in their favor...their supporters are theirs and theirs alone...Mitt was carrying sand bags for the camera ( Whoopie ) probably the hardest he's ever worked in his silver spoon life. As for Osama whoops I mean Obama ( Freaudian slip there lol ) he's got enough on his plate already...what with inheriting a big mess from Bush W. Who inherited a mess already because of earlier dealings when his Dad was Mr P. He stepped into it but good.
I usually don't get involved in political discussion and won't...all I did was bad mouth 2 of the more prominant guys running.

But...I am with Chris on this point...there has been too much damage. What they should really do is postpone the election a couple or even a few weeks....big deal whats a few more weeks gonna hurt. We have to get NC,NJ and NY back together after another natural disaster rolled through and took many lives.
Tsunami's, Earthquakes,levy's breaking...people dying...we gotta get this shit in order. The wrath of GOD has slammed us all good these last 7 years and it aint over. That's the scarey part.

Kal said...

This really is the most important thing you guys have ever had to do as a country. You haven't been asked to be adults for several generations and I gotta say I love me some Chris Christie for taking a risk and standing up to the maniacs that have hijacked your country. You have no idea how much I hope you get this right. Yes the Universe gave you a hard reminder but only to convince you to let your better angels rule your heart. I like your idea of delay but YOU KNOW the numnuts on both sides will only use that for more mischief and shenanigans. Get it over with...but a stake in that Mormon vampires heart and be done with it. Then FIX YOU SHIT because if you don't you take us all down with you. Like Marlon Brando said in Superman - 'They are a great people Kal-el, they wish to be, all they lack is the light to show them the way.'

Mikeyboy said...

allow me to correct a typo... " In his SILVER SPOON FED life"

btw way Kal...after I read that Brando Superman line...I got a tear in my eye

Kal said...

I am embarassed to say it's my go-to line to knock my beloved geek conservatives on their ass...sometimes is the only thing that get's through the bubble.