Monday, November 12, 2012

Legion Of Superheroes 12 Pack

Arguably the most eagerly awaited DC Universe multipack, this Legion of Super Heroes set features a dramatic dozen of your favorite characters in 6” scale. The set also includes a 24-carat gold plated Legion Flight Ring you can really wear, a PROTY slug sidekick figure, and an empty (or is it?) slot for Invisible Kid.

This set is gorgeous but costly. I would love to build an entire Legion of Superheroes collection because they all look great. Too bad there aren't more girl figures in this set.
This is who you get, however.
Braniac 5
Chameleon Boy
Colossal Boy
Karate Kid
Lightning Lad
Matter Eater Lad
Saturn Girl
Superboy with 24 carat gold plated Legion Flight Ring
Timber Wolf
Ultra Boy


TS Hendrik said...

Sweet mother of all that is awesome! How did no one comment on this one? That is the coolest darn set of figures ever. Seriously, I've never wanted action figures so bad.

Kal said...

It's some pretty sweet packaging with a eye towards the collector who likes to show off his stuff. And you can add to it was more and more of them are released.

TS Hendrik said...

I do think they should make Proty like a stretch armstrong figure. Cause as beautiful a display at it is, those would get played with before shelving.