Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Huntress Pics From 'Arrow'

The Huntress is part of a larger arc in the series where Ollie takes Helena under his wing and has the bright idea of arming her, because handing somebody thirsting for revenge a weapon and the skills to use it is always an awesome idea. Apparently, the Huntress manages to touch off a mob war, which really was in the cards eventually, and Ollie has to contain the fallout.
Again the creators go for the more practical real world outfit for the Huntress. It's okay but if I had my choice I would have Riddle, my favorite cosplayer, play the role in her brilliant costume.


Wade Wilson said...

The cosplayer outfit is pretty impressive, but I like the practical, almost Christopher Nolan inspired, outfit that The Huntress will be wearing. And to be in multiple episodes will keep my friends that work with me at DISH paying attention, because they are big fans of Jessica De Gouw. I get really nostalgic while waiting for new episodes, so I’ve decided to save this entire season to my DISH Hopper to help fight it. It’s nice to have a DVR with a 2TB hard drive, because I can finally save every show that I want to, along with an entire season of a show. Now I just need to make a banner half as cool as yours for my blog, and I’ll be content.

Kal said...

Some shows I can save up and wait to watch in blocks but some shows I need to watch the day they come out. Arrow is such a show. Too bad this week is a bye week for the show. No Huntress till next week.