Monday, November 5, 2012

The Monster Inside Me Has A Message For You


david_b said...

Ah, milking internet sympathy I see.

Cracks in the Coolness, sir.

Anywho, glad to see you're back.

Kal said...

Oh yeh, I was milking it. I didn't even read the messages until tomorrow. Am I really so pathetic to you? Let the wound heal for a day before you judge my character like am the ONLY person ever to see people reply to some personal message from me. Yeh, I was hurting and it's so nice to know that I am equally resented for coming back as for leaving. Really...TOO SOON

david_b said...

No, sir. It's like Woody Allen's line about Atheism..:

"To you I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition."

No sir, to answer your question, I ONLY expect Coolness from the Cave. I'm typically not disappointed.

Have a productive day, sir.

david_b said...

Glad you're back.

We all need our fix of Canadian Cave Coolness as only you as our humble host can provide..

DrGoat said...

I knew you weren't dead. I didn't see you in the Day of the Dead procession last nite. Glad you got through that, 'cause you need to be around for the next time life decides you're not depressed enough. I've got a lot of personal experience with that. And david_b is just being a good buddy and keeping you on your toes, I think. I was born and raised by skeptics and cynical people. I like to be skewered occasionally, as long as there is no physical pain involved.
PS, Glad as hell you're back.

david_b said...

Yep, as I tell my troops after a long roadmarch..

"You're not burnin' out, you're warming up."

It's all good, kind sir.

Kal said...

Sorry for snapping. When I wind up I usually have to hope to run down before I find my equilibrium again. Still a bit tender from my fire.

Nick Ward said...

Sweet Jebsus you are back with a fucking vengeance and I fucking LOVE it. Welcome back you fearsome blogger all is right with the world again! We have a saying here in New Zealand - Kia kaha.

Kia kaha Cave of Cool. Kia kaha!