Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesdays From The Toybox

Even when he was wearing this magnificent jumper, little Calvin loved his action figures. 47 years later, however, he still don't know how to photograph them properly. I actually spent the past hour trying to get these ones right and this is the best of the bunch. SIGH! I need to do some studying about lighting and built myself a little studio that can sit on top of the deep freezer.

This is what happens when Mom sees action figures in the bargain bin. Suddenly Puppet Justin Timberlake is fighting alongside Spider-Man and the rest of my heroes.

Now Dad went out the morning after we saw the Matrix and found these great 12 inch figures and the fantastic McFarlane toys playset. All the armor and arms on the walls can be taken off. The detail is beyond stunning.



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DrGoat said...

Wow Cal. I've got a Tick Steel Box too! Found it at the bargain bin at KBs about 12 yrs. ago.