Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I Watched This Weekend

Oh the sweetness of gloating when my side wins.

I KNOW! I just can't help watching a good freak show. 
Another great episode with the Jedi Younglings. This time their ship is captured by Hondo and his pirate crew. I love Hondo. He will always do the right thing for the right price. I can't hate him.
Canadian made production about a big city police swat team and the personal and professional toll that their jobs have on them. 

Gotta thank MD over at Skylarking who introduced me to this series that I had no idea SYFY was making. Each episode is 12 minutes long and they will be put together into one full length film in 2013. I hope they will be releasing each regularly instead of just teasing me with the first two parts. The special effects and story make this one worth following. I love discovering something new and cool like this.

Still the gold standard in reality television. I am all caught up now.
Only a handful of episodes left to go. I really want this one to finish well, not great, just well.
I need my Howard fix daily be it an old episode I missed or Howard on Demand.
"Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."
Anne Hathaway did a great impression of Claire Danes and her 'cry face' on last night's SNL. This one is VERY close to jumping on the shark for me.
I liked this one. It had a one word title and was about a killer Golem which, as you know, is the best kind of Golem out there.
This show only played for a season in the mid 90s. The site I get my TV torrents from (because I loath commercials, especially at this time of year) has been dropping an episode every couple of days and I got hooked. I like the little personal stories in the middle of a larger war. Many nice character actors in this one.
Can we just slow it down for a second? All you kids and your rushing around making noise. I love how Boardwalk Empire takes it's time getting anywhere. Burst of violence in the middle of some of the greatest acting of this or any generation. God Bless Steve Buscemi.
One of the great things about living in this Socialist Paradise is that we always got a steady stream of British comedy shows and 8 Out Of 10 Cats is one of the best. It can proudly take it's place among other similar shows from my childhood like The Two Ronnies. 
I love the uniquely topical nature of the comedy and the wit of the three comedians at the center. It plays like a game show but it's really just a chance to riff on the news of the day in modern Britain. Host Jimmy Carr was involved in a tax scandal this year (he paid little to none) and when the news broke he came on and made himself the butt of the joke on his own show.
In one moment I was reminded that it's never the crime but the COVER UP that gets a guy into trouble. It was refreshing to hear SOMEONE say he was an asshole who TOOK bad advice. Plus waiting for his two buddies to (rightly) strip him down on the show was a comedy moment I am glad I got to see. 

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