Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Year In Review - May To August 2012


"Step ONE, lose the gun."
Tumblr Cool
The images are created by shattering porcelain figurines from a height of 9.8 feet, the pieces photographed just as they hit the ground.

My Iceberg Fortress Rising Out Of The Sea

8 Out Of 10 Cats

My favorite fake comedy show masquerading as a game show. Famous British comedians and celebs riff on the news of the day. The U.K. is such a great country when it comes to their television and their comedy is something you just grow up with here in Canada. It was great this year when Jimmy Carr, the host, got caught in a tax cheating scandal and EVERYONE just ripped into him like they should have. I admire the way he took his beating. No prisoners is the only way to do humor and well deserved public humiliation is the most cathartic comedy of all.

Nothing Can Kill Me But Myself
He Who Controls The Spice, Controls The Universe
My Vacations With Vladimir
She Knows Who I Am

Such a great actioner that totally redeemed the character and property from the debacle that was the Stallone version. Great story, characters and effects. Karl Urban wears that helmet the whole movie and he has no trouble expressing the emotions of a man that takes no shit but it also smarter and more resourceful than the truly villainous criminals he is fighting. It reset the bar for what we should all expect from this kind of entertainment. I pains me that it is not considered a success. Do yourself a favour and watch the DVD if you missed it. Universally excellent.
My Tears Come From All The Cat Hair In The Room
Ten-year-old Elijah Porter was ecstatic when Canada's 4x100m relay team won bronze in London.
Then the team was disqualified for running outside the lane, and Elijah, devastated, wanted to help ease the pain for runners Justyn Warner, Gavin Smellie, Jared Connaughton, and Oluseyi Smith.
So he sent them a letter:

"Dear Justyn, Gavin, Jarred [sic], and Oluseyi, I'm Elijah Porter. I'm ten and I live in Newfoundland, Canada. When I heard what happened on Aug. 11, I knew it was wrong. The rules were not right. But, at last, I realized how good you were. We're Canadians. We persevere. We create better lives for each other. The cold didn't stop us from living in the north. We didn't lose the War of 1812. We adapt and survive. We have earned our freedom. Someday, if I become a biologist, if I get rich, and, if I remember, I will donate money to the summer and winter Canadian Olympians. I hope you like the medal! Elijah Porter"
Another Cool Idea For Shark Week


I love his work. He needs to post more of the stuff he does so I can share it with you. His use of color and shapes is gorgeous and I don't say that just because he TOTALLY gets who I am in my heart. This was a total surprise and a gift to me. I love his site because I rarely find someone who collects more toys than me. He also takes some of the best photographs of toys out there and I have seen it all so that is not exaggeration. Click the link to check out his stuff.



These links will take you to some great re-imaginings of some of your favorite characters. I love how he gets the designs so right with the new world they inhabit. Someone needs to give this kid a job where he gets to flesh out his vision.

I gotta go with the San Francisco because I suspect that bread is garlic toast.

Best of Cosplay - Part Two



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No way that She Hulk is real....Also you forgot I opened my blog in August! WHOOO!!!

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She looks real to me. Green, but real. When I get your package I plan to do a whole thing about that sweet little cafe of yours.

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By my count, I have four pics in the Best of Cosplay Parts 1 and 2... YES!!! :)

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Well you do know that you are the best in the business.