Thursday, February 25, 2016

Anson Mount Is A Real Man

His Cullen Bohannon is the greatest cowboy/railway man in television history. He is not just someone who solves problems with his fists or a gun, though he can resort to those methods but realizes that if he does there will be a cost to his soul - a soul that has already seen too much pain. Only six episodes left. Then the saga of Hell on Wheels will be over much to my eternal sadness.
But I was happy to have loved this show since the beginning. It was long the bastard child of AMC which always had the Walking Dead to crow about. I always felt this show was a Saturday night secret that NEVER let the viewer down. That has a lot to do with the realistic settings, exciting stories and high production values. When the set was flooded at the end of Season 3 that was an actual flood here in Alberta, where the show is filmed. They incorporated the destruction of the town they had build up from scratch into the show. Realism is a hallmark of this program and I can't recommend it highly enough.
I understand that it's on the Netflix so you can binge watch it there. Everyone who has seen it from the start LOVES it too. So many great characters and possibly the greatest villain in western TV history - The Swede. Bohannon will settle his hash but GOOD. You best believe that. I am not sure when the last six episodes of the series will run so if anyone knows please inform me in the comments.
Happy Birthday Anson Mount. Thank you for your commitment to doing a great show. I have a serious man crush on ya and so do many a guy if they were honest about their feelings. Doesn't make you gay to recognize that THIS dude is a beautiful man.


Tim Knight said...

I loves me some quality Western action and I've been with Hell On Wheels since the beginning as well. Fantastic show, love the way it's grown and changed over the years as Cullen's story - and the railroad - has moved on.

And, yes, The Swede, best villain in Western TV history!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I knew you would see it my way. So many great side characters that you care about. Poor, poor doomed Sister Ruth. She really broke my heart.

DrGoat said...

Sorry it's coming to an end. Been a big fan since it started.
A fine western with great actors and a worthy story line.
Can't ask for more. Seen them all but I'm going to watch
it on Netflix anyway.....that good. Everything you say about
it is true.