Friday, February 26, 2016

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Sword Of Destiny

I have a deep love for the original Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It was my first Chinese historical epic and I was in love from the start with everything that comes with one of these films including the action figures.
Like the original, this one is cast with two of the best of the genre, Michelle Yeoh and Donnie Yen.

The scenery is gorgeous. The movie gods have blessed China with magnificent vistas to set their movies in. I love just the LOOK of everything here. It just drips with historical accuracy. I also appreciate the English language translation. I am not proud. I don't like reading subtitles if I can avoid it. The script however does contain the same kind of poetic writing common to the genre.

This one tries hard for the feel of an epic that the first one organically had. That is not a bad thing. I prefer that they TRY as opposed to not putting in any effort at all. This one has the scope and feel of an epic. Lots of beautiful eye candy to watch here. Great story and battles. I liked it all and my bar for this kind of stuff is very high. The fight on the frozen lake was especially well done.

Of course if flying swordsmen are not your thing then pass this one by. But if you love this style, you will be impressed. Yes there is a love story like ALL Chinese historical epics, but it is a pretty charming love story. What? I watch the Bachelor. I can get invested in the romance.

I have to admit I felt a thrill when Master Yu Shu Lien pulled the Green Destiny out of the box.

I love a movie where a team of warriors get together on the spur of the moment to do what's right This movie has that exact scene and each character wields a unique weapon and fighting style. I immediately liked them all even though I know that one or all of them will die by the end.
Silent Wolf, Silver Dart, Turtle Ma, Thunder Fist, Flying Blade, Iron Crow, Snow Vase - fantastic names to go with each character's personality.
The wirework fight scenes are brilliant in their comedic power and thrilling choreography. When they are flying around like that I like to think of them as Jedi Knights. Roger Ebert once said that this kind of fighting between characters of such high skills is boring because it takes forever for one person to come out on top. I don't think the fight scenes run on but I can see how someone unfamiliar with the genre would think that.
If you have never seen one of these kind of films, take a chance on this one, but not before watching the first chapter in the tale of the Green Destiny and those sworn to keep it safe from evil.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm looking forward to watching this in due course -- might not be this weekend though.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is the beauty of the Netflix.