Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seen This Morning

These pictures do not do justice to the embossed symbols on the boxes. They are very nice to the touch and have an awesome tactile and visual quality. I want them in my collection for that fact alone. They would display fantastically. I didn't get them because I know I can find them cheaper at Walmart so I can wait a few days now that I know they exist. These are not going anywhere. I have to give serious props to the people at General Foods. They took an extra step with this design and pulled it off so well that the urge to have them in the collection is irresistible. Tell me what you think if you see them in your travels.



j-swin said...

And where exactly is the Wonder Woman cereal?

j-swin said...

Oh that's right, if it doesn't have a cartoon pony or an ice princess on it they think girls won't buy it. Marketing executives make me sick.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I would have loved to see an embossed WW breastplate on my cereal box. You have to give the execs some credit because we are seeing more 'girl' heroes in pop culture than every before. They are finally joining the Disney model who have long realized that girls are better consumers than boys and the success of Frozen proves that.