Saturday, March 19, 2016

Daredevil Episode 1 & 2

Unbelievable tension and action as we see these two comic icons clash. I loved how the fight choreography is not all a bunch of quick cuts. The fighters are countering their attacks and defending at the same time. It's the kind of fighting skill that takes YEARS to learn and it's one of the hallmarks of the Daredevil universe. As real as can be but as close to the comic book level of JUST believable combat, especially between Daredevil and the Punisher.

The story is pretty straightforward and you are there from the start. Nothing had changed since season one. Foggy, Karen and Matt are fighting the good fight in Hell's Kitchen. It's like no time at all has passed. Fisk is still in jail but there is a new player in town - one who is taking out whole gangs at one time. One guy named Frank Castle - ex marine, ex cop and full time psychopathic killer of criminals.
Of course we all know the story. Castle is born from the death of his family by mobsters. He is ruthless and relentless in his methods and has more than earned his name.
As I already mentioned the first fight between the two was epic. Like combat dancing where eat person knew their part and went at it full bore. No holding back. Please don't punch me in the face kind of stunt work. Daredevil is shot by a grazing bullet and this gives him a whole new set of problems. I have to admit this is all very tense. I don't know how many episodes I can do at one time.
John Bernthal is amazing as the Punisher. He has no pity and the skills to kill you in a hundred different ways unless you are superior to him as a fighter and few men are. It's a great action role that Bernthal LIVES.

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