Monday, March 21, 2016

Daredevil - Season 2 - Episode 7 & 8

The Trial of Frank Castle. Reminded me of that TV movie in the 70s where Matt Murdock (Rex Smith) defended the Incredible Hulk. Can't have a Daredevil show without a good case to win. Very much enjoyed Clancy Brown as one of the pro-Castle witnesses.

Would you consider Frank Castle a hero or a villain? I don't know myself. If given his training, motivation and willpower I could see myself wanting to punish the scum who killed my family.

Karen is so naïve. She has no idea Frank is just waiting for his time to escape right after he finds out EXACTLY who is to blame for at least some of his misfortunes. She doesn't get the difference between vengeance and justice. That is the central struggle in this season. What is the vengeance? What is justice? I thought the court case did a good job at making that argument. Is Frank crazy?  Crazy as a fox is the term, I believe.

Personally I find both to be situational. Very dependant on the events at the time. The line between justice and vengeance is a fine one indeed.

Having Matt's powers would be a blessing come a court trial. He would know if people were lying or telling the truth and could tailor his questions to benefit his client. Matt and Foggy continue to have a very complicated relationship.

Elektra is still a massive pain in the ass but then THE HAND SHOWS UP and suddenly I need her to help insure that Matt isn't killed. You don't play around with THE HAND. Gah I want her to die in a painful way less and less as we go along. She has her own issues I guess.

Then STICK show up and we all know he is the master who taught Matt how to fight when Matt was a child. He is deeply connected to the HAND who move in relentless waves and can't be stopped. Stick survives by fighting them and running from them. In the comics they turn to mist when killed. Not so here. That would be goofy in live action I guess but sure would cut down their numbers. These were the same guys who got to Wolverine in his last film.

Such a great ending to this episode. They always leave such great cliffhangers that makes you want to watch on.

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