Monday, March 21, 2016

Daredevil - Season Two - Episode Five And Six

I hate Elektra. There I said it. I don't find her exotic or sexy. She is just bratty and dangerous. But I think hating her is just what the creators want out of me and boy did they succeed. She is a dangerous psychopath with a gift for dragging others into her bullshit. She is the polar opposite of Karen Page.

I do love that the Yakuza are involved because that means the HAND is near. The Hand are the mystical ninjas the Yakuza employs when the shit REALLY hits the fan. This is going to be bad for everyone.

I can tell you that I NEVER wished for Bullseye more so he could just stab her with her own blades just like in the comic books.

I enjoy how Matt is not charmed by Elektra's games because all he can see is the collateral damage she will create.

I enjoy the Punisher as a sympathetic character despite all the evil he has done. I kinda get his sense of justice. His pain is my pain and I feel his rage. That is all John Bernthal. Again I mention that he is Emmy bait and will win if there is any justice in this world. He is breaking my heart.

The stunt team also deserves all the accolades I can give them. These battles are brutal and deadly and I see many stunt injuries just to achieve this level of comic realism. It's a beautiful ballet to watch as each fight is different from the last one.

I enjoyed watching Matt Murdock, super spy. So cool watching him use his abilities to sneak into the Yakuza vault while wearing a tuxedo. Thrilling to watch and plays like the best kind of comic book story arcs. I am totally involved in all of this adventure.
And there is NO FILLER or very little filler. The Matt/Karen page stuff is a nice respite from the tension and violence.
I enjoy the legal quagmire Matt finds himself in now having to defend Frank Castle in court. This is top notch writing where one crisis follows another and I can't wait to get to another episode.


Jordan said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it, Cal. I've watched the whole season and I loved it.

And it's always great to see pages from Daredevil #181, my favorite single issue of a comic book of all time.

DrGoat said...

I just started watching a week ago, still on episode 11 or so
season 1. Still digging on Vincent D's portrayal of Fisk aka Kingpin.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Vincent was a great Kingpin. All that rage. The rage of an abused child seeing love. Powerful stuff.