Thursday, March 3, 2016

GI JOE Con Exclusive 2016 Figure

Damn I want this set. It was always my favorite next to the Sea Wolf sub. I am sure that like every other exclusive it will be expensive online to find. However, it will be cheaper than finding the original. I always liked how this one had metal feet so that the Joe sank right to the bottom of the pool when we swam with our figures in their inflatable rafts.
This is the vintage styled action figure from the 2016 GIJoeCon 12-inch boxed souvenir set!

The set features this spot on reproduction of the rare and hard to find 1969 release of the Adventures of G.I. Joe AQUANAUT!

Between the years of the original military themed G.I. Joe of the mid 1960s and the Adventure Team of the 1970s, there was a version of G.I. Joe produced for only ONE YEAR in 1969.

These figures and uniform sets featured the now legendary "red top" packaging. Only two figures were produced that year and the Aquanaut was one of them!

The AQUANAUT comes fully outfitted in his classic black turtleneck sweater and black pants (which were unique to the 1969 release), sailor cap, boots, shoulder holster with revolver, and dog tag.

He will also come in a reproduction long box INSIDE the larger outer box for the set.

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