Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Man In The High Castle - Finale

Ten hours of my life spent watching a series that had NO FUCKING ANSWERS to give me about this world and why these so called 'films' exist showing an different history - an alternate history where German and Japan didn't win the Second World War. The show itself is set in a world where the Axis DID win the war.

What was the whole point? I assumed that because this film was based on a book by Philip K. Dick and won the 1963 Hugo award for Best Novel, that it would have a trippy twist at the end or something interesting to reveal about these films. But like UNDER THE DOME there was NOTHING. No explanation - just a story of people trying to do what I don't know.

I am incensed now that I hear that there will be a SECOND season of this show which will only further muddy the waters I am sure. They will not get me a second time, however. I once again feel tricked. Like Season Two of True Detective, none of this effort amounts to anything with a POINT to it all.

And that ending, where one of our characters suddenly finds himself in the 1950s America we all recognize came TOTALLY out of left field and is only there to drag any stupid suckers back for Season Two.

This was Amazon's first foray into the original programming arena currently dominated by the cable giants and now Netflix. I would call it an ambitious failure like most everything I have watched this year like The Expanse.

I can't recommend this one to anyone, even those who have read the book because I understand that the book diverges greatly from the TV program. It's not worth your time because the pay back for your effort is not rewarded.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Maybe just read the book. I still intend to, although I'll avoid the series now.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

SUCH a waste of my time. So many dumb escapes and dumb dumbness.

Jordan said...

Cal? You there? You listening?

Let me impart some wisdom I've learned in almost 50 years as a sci-fi fan:

never trust Philip K. Dick.

He will always break your heart and disappoint you. It's in his nature: he takes the world's greatest ideas and turns them into mush. That's what he does. (It takes titans like Samuel Peeples and Ridley Scott to make his stuff worthwhile.)

And, yes, I was a sci-fi fan before I could speak. Of course I was...it's in the blood.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Well I got burned. You could have told me this BEFORE I started this garbage. Such a good concept ruined by NO ANSWERS to why these films exist in the first place. And that final scene just told me there WAS some kind of mind fuck going on, just not one I had any right as a view to understand. Gah!

DrGoat said...

They can't all be Gotham or Daredevil. Remember, about 75% of what
comes out of the entertainment business is crap.