Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesdays From The Toybox

My favorite toy ever. You could not destroy that bike and rider no matter what you tried to do. I have such good memories of playing with my Evil Knievil with the guys in the hanger on the base one Christmas Day. We took the bike to  a place where we could make jumps and really let Evil cut loose.

I would kill for the person who found me this toy.
I would kill whomever they wished and help them hid the body.
There, I said it.
I must own all things Black Panther. I just must.

Oh yes, they will be mine.

Beautiful Monster High girls from Nordic Myths

Customized Batgirl is gorgeous.
The look is timeless.

Such a great toy line from a fun movie of my youth.

Both of these games are just bad JU JU. Don't mess with them. Have you EVER seen a happy movie with OUIJA in the title?

Huntress from Kotobukiya is perfection.

Never enough Phantom in the Collection of Cool.
Any figure with a bubble helmet makes me smile.

Female Thor and Top of the Line Captain America both look great.

I have this guy still in his packing box.
Saving the reveal until I needs me a pick me up.

This was a complete action SYSTEM?
I must do my research.

I want a loose Spider-Girl.
That is not a joke.

This is a Batman by BARBIE!!
Think about that for a second.

Now this is a great idea for the loose figure addict in your life.

This is an actual doll. Not a person. Wow.
One can never have enough Doom, DOLT!

Great Buck Rodgers figures with cloth costumes. There is always something about the cloth costumes that makes any property more appealing to me, even one as goofy as Buck Rodgers. Where is the Wilma Deering figure? She was all right.


DrGoat said...

That Flying Fox toy is great. I've got that Alien
game, It's pretty boring but box is cool. Found it
at a yard sale for a dollar. Looks like it had
never been played with.

csmith2884 said...

Phantom is Ghost who rides, in that instance.