Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bully Sale By Hake's Americana And Other Cool Items

Did you see this beautiful button from 1910 that sold in our last auction? Issued to celebrate Theodore Roosevelt's return to the United States from his extended African safari and tour of Europe, this classic button ended up selling for $2,783 in our latest auction.
The coolest auction house in the world. I love their catalogues that showcase each upcoming auction. The stuff that they get the curate and look over and evaluate must be so impressive. That would be the dream job to have these things in front of me. Just to handle some of these pieces would be amazing.

This great lot from Gabriel's Lone Ranger line from the 70s is for sale at 200 dollars

These are very cool but you need a Six Million Dollar Man to play with them. More parts of this line of toys that I wish I had. This one is a good deal for a vintage toy collector at only $115.

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DrGoat said...

I would take that Lone Ranger collection in a heartbeat. I could do 200 bucks.