Thursday, August 4, 2016

Found These Two At The Bottom Of The Loose Toy Tub

I was looking to remove batteries from any battery powered toys just so that they were damaged when the battery explodes. These two beauties still work fine but need a little clean-up before they go on display in the new glass case I think I found at the Habitat For Humanity refit store. They told me they have one coming at the end of the month that they are saving just for me. It's a display case from a store remodel so it's got a glass top and is long with three shelves that will be a perfect way to keep my loose figures dust free. I like the refit store. They are my usual go to place for a good computer chair because you can get a nice one for cheap and I go through chairs like I go through keyboards and fans.

Loves me some Emperor Zurg

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Dr. Theda said...

We actually nearly bought the "Zurg" figure...
and were to broke to buy Lost in Space toys (But, made sure to get a Dr. Smith (monster-version)