Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Wave

Hasbro has released these hi-res pics of the upcoming Marvel Legends wave featuring Doctor Strange. Shown are:

Brother Voodoo
Doctor Strange (Comic Version)
Doctor Strange (Movie Version)
Iron Fist
Karl Mordo
Astral Form Doctor Strange
Dormammu (BAF)

This the one I want very much.
I love the photorealistic sculpt.

This is my favorite figure in the line.
I know. I just looks unpainted but looks can be deceiving.
I still hate every single BUILD A FIGURE because you have to open the box to actually BUILD THE FIGURE. That means you have to get ALL the figures in the line while opening up the packages. That is not worth it to me. I wish there was a way to hunt some of these down like Arim Zola or Galactus. I can do with a Dormammu but he does look good with his flaming head. I wish he was the baddie in the first movie. He should be. He's Doctor Strange's greatest foe.


j-swin said...

Try eBay.

Margaret Benbow said...

The supermonsters and electronics are interesting,
but I like best the guy in functional noble robes
and a kendo stick. So simple and clean. Maybe this
preference comes from seeing Takashi Kitano in
the movie ZATOICHI. His character is blind, but my God,
does he know what to do with a kendo stick.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I would love to be able to use one of those like they do. To spin it around my head. Any broomstick becomes a weapon.